Thoughts infiltrate my mind like a soldier does a battlefield.
They never sleep, they never stop, they always keep on coming.
The energy they produce is unwavering.
I am often told I “think too much” but what kind of life does one live
if one doesn’t think at all?
Everything that is was once an idea and that idea manifested into reality.
People underestimate the mind and the power that it posseses.
At this point in life, Pandora’s box has been closed and the spirit of Hope has finally surfaced.
People have taught me things throughout my childhood and teenage years but it
does not compare to what Life and self realization has and will continue to teach me.
I have finally awakened and this is only the beginning of my journey.
My mind is not and will never be limited by the words of people of this world.
I will not be dictated by preconceived notions and ideas rather I will create my own.
Use the power that you have been given and never stop thinking.


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