Moving forward

Who I was yesterday is much different than who I am today.
I can safely say that I am a new person everyday.
Don’t define me because of my past, in fact don’t define me at all.
If I don’t know myself then who are you to make that call?
It’s not because I’m lost or because I’m confused.
It’s simply because I’ve become conscious of different views.
What I conclude everyday is that there is no “definite” way.
Life is and always will be what you make it,
if you don’t agree with my choices there is no need to fake it.
Walk away and don’t look back, I’m moving forward and will never lose track.
I’m focused and dedicated to find meaning to my life,
I am not a sheep and will never get left behind.
I love who I am and thankful for life
Oblivious of this recognition would have surely been my demise.


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