I see my reflection
unsure of who’s looking back
I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or in some sort of trance.
I wander aimlessly through this troubled world
Often feeling like some distant foreign girl.

Very few understand me, including myself
I often wonder why I’m so different from everyone else.
I’m consumed by my thoughts hoping to find
Some sort of message that might have been left behind.

The passion inside me, the burning desire
To understand who I am or what will transpire.
There has to be more than what meets the eye,
I can’t just sit around and let time pass me by.

I will search deep inside and do whatever it takes
To fill the void that makes my heart ache.

The choices I’ve made and the ones yet to come
will only shed light on what needs to be done.
Everything always falls right into place
even if it was once considered as a mistake.

Who is that girl looking back at me,
time will soon pass and we shall see.


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