Letting go..

I thought about you over and over.
My mind never slept due to the lack of closure.

You made me happy and you made me whole
I was in love with you beyond control.

Our connection was strong and the love was deep
You were someone I thought that I would forever keep.

I never realized that somewhere along the way
I lost you forever and feelings entirely changed.

The memories I once had with you are starting to fade,
the love subsides more and more each day.

it hurts me to know that I was mistaken
in thinking we were friends but instead I was forsaken.

I knew we could never be,
but it was my soul who could not accept such a defeat.

Life has taught me that you have served your purpose
It is time to let go and let myself resurface.

Regardless, I thank you for changing my life
and awakening a part of me that I never knew was inside.


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