*entry into RhymeZone’s 2016 contest

As we look around us, what do we see?
A group of people who call themselves a community.
But lets look deeper and past the labels we set,
are we what we say we are or just trying to pretend..

Trying to pretend something we are not
Trying to act like nothing is wrong.
We are forgetting the most important thing,
which is coming together in unity.

It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor,
nor the color of our skin, race, or culture into which we were born.
It is important to understand that not everyone is alike,
we all have our own personalities and see life through our own eyes.

We might not share the same beliefs or traditions,
But what is important to note are our differences.
If we take a moment to listen instead of trying to be heard,
perhaps we can place ourselves in another persons shoes.

See what they see and feel what they feel,
realize that life doesn’t have to be so surreal.

But why must we act like entitled fools?
It almost seems like we weren’t taught any manners at home or in school.
Have we lost all compassion towards one another?
We even act like savages towards our own sisters and brothers.

We need to look past the superficial and past our current beliefs.
We need to look with a brand new set of eyes accompanied with empathy.
Because if there is one thing that should be considered,
is that we are all filled with resilience and vigor.

We are all parts that make up a whole.
Our individuality is unique and makes up our heart and soul.
If we take a moment to observe our surroundings,
we can look past the surface and see that people are hurting.
Misunderstood, judged, and bullied..

People think there is no other way.
Little do they know that every day is a new day.
An opportunity to change and reunite,
not only with ourselves but with mankind.

It only takes some thought to see,
That what everybody really wants is love and harmony.
We need to embrace the hardened and the weak,
the people that think their life is obsolete.

Lift each other up and focus on the positive,
Don’t expect things or make empty promises.
Stand side by side and stand up for humanity.
With genuine love and respect can we again be a community.

Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow’s never come,
start today and embrace each other like we have never done.
Change the thought that resides inside,
Come together and let us change our lives.


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