I see your lips moving but hear nothing you say,
entranced by your charm and mysterious ways.
I wait for your cues and for you to lead the way,
but I grow impatient each and every day.

When I sit beside you I start to sweat,
My temperature rises and soon my skin becomes wet.
I can barely hold back from leaning in,
my knees buckle under me and i’m swallowed with sin.

The way you caress me and run your fingers down my skin,
Sends shivers down my spine and engulfs me within.
I can’t help but feel out of breath when you hold me,
We lay there in silence but yet it’s so consoling.

I bite my lip to keep me from moaning,
my body starts shaking as you navigate slowly..
Both filled with adrenaline we continue to see,
how far the limits can be pushed without suffocating.


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