Into the Night

She looks out of her window and into the starry night.
Millions of fireballs burn with an effervescent light.
She walks into the darkness, yet her face is illuminated.
Marveling at the sight before her that was magically created.
The wind caressed her skin and glided through her hair,
She danced to the sound of the night without a care.

As she spun and twirled she noticed someone standing there.
A face unbeknownst to her, she couldn’t help but glare.
Handsomely rugged and with piercing eyes,
Her heart started beating rapidly to her surprise.
Unsure of what was occurring she starts to walk closer,
getting a better look of the man that chose her.

He extends his hand and asks for a dance.
She hesitated nervously but took the chance.
He pulled her close and held her tight,
They waltzed to the music of their hearts until the morning light.


Riding the storm

As each day passes I realize more and more,
my daily duty is to venture and explore.
Before setting sail and traveling across the sea,
I sit still and listen to what my intuition tells me.

She tells me to be patient
She tells me to be me,
She tells me to stay positive
and most importantly to be free.

Release the chains that bound my mind,
Transcend the expectation of being limited to time.
Rise above the negativity
and embrace life blissfully.

It seems as if a veil is lifted from my eyes each day,
The sun seems to shine brighter and I realize it’s all going to be okay.
Without Your guidance and without Your strength,
I would sure get lost and become quite possibly estranged.

It’s not an easy path to follow
but nonetheless one that can be done.
It all requires patience and the willingness to move on.
Even if today might seem impossible to face,
accepting that we don’t have all the answers might be the only way.

The path of least resistance is what most of us like to take..
but perhaps the problem lies with the inability to face,
to face the fear that compels us to make the decisions that we do
not realizing that we only have to listen within to ascertain the truth.

Our mind and soul is much more than we think it to be,
it is far from static and in turn, constantly evolving.
One day we can feel like we can’t continue on
but that is just a test to see what we are really made of.

The drive and the fire that burns deep within,
cannot be put out unless you have already given in.
Accepting that life can be quite complex and overwhelming,
can assist in providing clarity and understanding.

A truth beyond our comprehension awaits patiently to be revealed.
All we need to do is trust the intrinsic voice that speaks..
The journey to explore ourselves doesn’t necessarily need to be
physical in nature or tangible for us to see,
that something magical permeates our surroundings.

It might take a day or it might take a decade,
eventually life will unfold in its own special way.
We need to be able to just sit back and watch..
and when we feel that we are being steered into undiscovered waters,
there is no need to fear what we do not know, any longer.

Even if we never make it to our destination,
perhaps Life had other plans for us and we can only embrace it.
What will come will come and what will be done will be done.

Let us now set sail and navigate slowly.
Understanding that we cannot overcome a storm by careless rowing.

Patience and perseverance will almost always guide us through.
Leave the uncontrollable in His hands and the rest is up to you.


We can all agree that people come and go.
Some leave a mark on our heart and some leave a mark on our soul.
I often wonder what the purpose of such encounters are..
Sometimes I think it’s the manifestation from wishing upon the stars.

My mind doesn’t want to accept what it already knows,
these beautiful people were placed in my life simply to expose..
To expose a part of myself that is hidden deep within,
A part of me that I have neglected and need to find again.

This seems to be a recurring theme for me.
I find myself chasing what seems to be endless dreams.
But what I have come to realize,
is I am the one calling these people into my life.

As my conscious mind awakens and evolves,
I find that all my soul wants is love.

I will continue to face each person and each day,
waiting for my time to come, so that I can be swept away…….

Letting go..

I thought about you over and over.
My mind never slept due to the lack of closure.

You made me happy and you made me whole
I was in love with you beyond control.

Our connection was strong and the love was deep
You were someone I thought that I would forever keep.

I never realized that somewhere along the way
I lost you forever and feelings entirely changed.

The memories I once had with you are starting to fade,
the love subsides more and more each day.

it hurts me to know that I was mistaken
in thinking we were friends but instead I was forsaken.

I knew we could never be,
but it was my soul who could not accept such a defeat.

Life has taught me that you have served your purpose
It is time to let go and let myself resurface.

Regardless, I thank you for changing my life
and awakening a part of me that I never knew was inside.