Control your life.

Even though everyone goes through different obstacles in their life, there is always one thing in common: emotions.
We’re all programmed to feel the same thing. Happiness, hate, guilt, anxiety, depression.

We’re presented with this idea of “living the dream” as kids. Over and over again we’re told we can amount to anything and have it all. Some are determined to be what they envisioned and others get lost along the way. Life isn’t butterflies and rainbows all the time and the disillusion people get when they realize that, is life changing.
Some people fall and never get back up, some struggle but with help they manage to stand on their feet, and others have hit rock bottom so hard that they never fall again.

The thing people don’t realize is that we let people live our lives instead of taking control and making the most out of what we have. Society shapes us into who we are without even realizing what we are becoming. We treat people how we do because of what we’ve been through. We make decisions based of what we know and what we’ve learned. Some things happen because we let them and we let things out of our control consume us because we’re human.

We forget that we come first. In order to live a happy life you have to be happy with who you are. You have to take care of yourself first and DISTINGUISH the variables from the constant factors.
Change the things that can be changed and leave the others alone and move on with your life. Never forget that YOU are in control of your life.

You want to be happy, then be happy! You want to be depressed and focus on things that can’t be changed then be depressed! You want to keep putting up with things or people that you feel don’t deserve you, then that’s on you and nobody else.

The decision is yours to make. How are you going to live?