The Phoenix


When you feel that you have given your all,
When you feel that you’re deteriorating and ready to fall..

When you feel that you have nothing left,
When you feel that you are better off dead..

Close your eyes and take a deep breath,
Affirm to your self that you have been blessed.
You are given a mind and you are given a soul,
Believe that you are and you will make yourself whole.

What happened yesterday can no longer be changed.
Move forward and embrace the new day.
Become like the Phoenix and burst into flames,
burn your old memories and cast them away.

Ignore the people who say you cannot change,
the longer you listen the more you’ll go astray.
It is not about them, it is about you..
Rise from the ashes and become anew.

It takes great strength to continue on,
But the strength is in the mind and not measured in brawn.
Take one day at a time and always remember,

The fire is within you and it will always be,
Rise like the Phoenix and shine in all your glory.



The sun begins to set
the light begins to fade
and darkness starts to fill the skies.

She stands there overlooking the horizon
wondering as to how she believed her own lies.

She drops to her knees and looks up at the heavens
it is now dark, like the veil over her eyes.
Temporarily blind and desperately seeking the light.

Her hands dig into the ground in attempt to gather strength
but the dirt sifts through her fingers and back onto the earth again.
She cries out in desperation, in hopes of receiving an answer
She hears nothing but her own whisper, “All I want is love”.

Her mind tells her she isn’t ready but she insists she is.

Her mind replies with this:

“Look at yourself and tell me what do you see.
Look at yourself and see how you’re crumbling.
Desperate for love but failing to see..
that the one who needs love, is your own body.
It’s not that you need anyone else,
what you need is to focus on yourself.

Become the word that you breathe,
Become the vision that you see.
Nobody can lift the veil from your eyes
besides the will that you have inside.
A solid foundation must be layed before anything can be built,
cracks and broken pieces will only cause you to wilt.

As your mind, I can guide you and make you see
but I can’t make you take the step, if you are not willing.
We are all one, yet we are three…
Your body, your mind, and your soul were all crafted so perfectly.
We all work together yet we are all moving parts
a beautiful masterpiece, surely a work of art
You can’t take care of one without minding the other,
the key is to balance each other.
Love yourself and all that you are,
when Life feels you are ready you will be amongst the stars.
Your soul will not leave you until your mind and body have learned,
their lesson on this beautiful earth.

Look for strength within and you will then realize,
that love has always been there.. waiting for you to find.”

She stands up and sees the sun starting to rise,
slowly she begins to see the light.

She whispers to herself, “There you are, I can finally see.
I’ve looked everywhere for you, besides inside of me.”

Into the Night

She looks out of her window and into the starry night.
Millions of fireballs burn with an effervescent light.
She walks into the darkness, yet her face is illuminated.
Marveling at the sight before her that was magically created.
The wind caressed her skin and glided through her hair,
She danced to the sound of the night without a care.

As she spun and twirled she noticed someone standing there.
A face unbeknownst to her, she couldn’t help but glare.
Handsomely rugged and with piercing eyes,
Her heart started beating rapidly to her surprise.
Unsure of what was occurring she starts to walk closer,
getting a better look of the man that chose her.

He extends his hand and asks for a dance.
She hesitated nervously but took the chance.
He pulled her close and held her tight,
They waltzed to the music of their hearts until the morning light.

Letting go..

I thought about you over and over.
My mind never slept due to the lack of closure.

You made me happy and you made me whole
I was in love with you beyond control.

Our connection was strong and the love was deep
You were someone I thought that I would forever keep.

I never realized that somewhere along the way
I lost you forever and feelings entirely changed.

The memories I once had with you are starting to fade,
the love subsides more and more each day.

it hurts me to know that I was mistaken
in thinking we were friends but instead I was forsaken.

I knew we could never be,
but it was my soul who could not accept such a defeat.

Life has taught me that you have served your purpose
It is time to let go and let myself resurface.

Regardless, I thank you for changing my life
and awakening a part of me that I never knew was inside.


I see my reflection
unsure of who’s looking back
I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or in some sort of trance.
I wander aimlessly through this troubled world
Often feeling like some distant foreign girl.

Very few understand me, including myself
I often wonder why I’m so different from everyone else.
I’m consumed by my thoughts hoping to find
Some sort of message that might have been left behind.

The passion inside me, the burning desire
To understand who I am or what will transpire.
There has to be more than what meets the eye,
I can’t just sit around and let time pass me by.

I will search deep inside and do whatever it takes
To fill the void that makes my heart ache.

The choices I’ve made and the ones yet to come
will only shed light on what needs to be done.
Everything always falls right into place
even if it was once considered as a mistake.

Who is that girl looking back at me,
time will soon pass and we shall see.